Following in the footsteps of the rapid growth of renewable energy over the last 20 years, energy storage is primed to become the final piece of an increasingly complex electrical grid puzzle. The expansion of intermittent resources, traditional generation retirements, and an increasing focus on grid innovation has accelerated the roll-out of battery storage. Combined with the challenges created by climate change and subsequent policy changes, unique opportunities exist to leverage battery storage in versatile configurations.

Energy storage project development represents a unique combination of challenges and opportunities, bringing together aspects of technology innovation, financial engineering, and regulatory interpretation. The market is tackling these aspects due to the inherent potential of energy storage, including managing grid stability, peak demand offsetting, and merchant market transactions. This versatility yields a wide diversity in applications across the value-chain, from the largest utilities to smaller municipality partners, and eventually to commercial, industrial, and residential customers.

Doral Renewables LLC, with it’s industry leading combination of experience acquiring land, developing renewables, navigating the interconnection queue, and expanding battery storage markets is uniquely positioned to contribute to the expected rapid growth in energy storage and renewables over the next 20 years and beyond. Whether stand-alone or renewables paired, Doral Renewables LLC is developing battery storage projects with multiple versatile configurations. Doral Renewables LLC is ready to collaborate to acquire operating or shovel ready projects as well as develop greenfield opportunities with a full operational lifecycle.

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